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GWAR is set to invade the Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight, giving Brooklyn a taste of something other than indie rock and hip hop. The crass metal heads are known for extreme live shows that are more demented circus than regular concert. Traditionally, fans wear white shirts to soak up the blood and gore that will spew from the stage as the GWARmageddon commences with limitless slaughter and violence!

Look, I’m not really into metal but a GWAR show is unlike any other. Who said music couldn’t be dumb fun? I’d take them over Lady Gaga anyday of the week. Speaking of which, word on the street is that they will be murdering her on stage tonight… fun!

Buy the new album “Lust in Space” on iTunes or stick with the classics and get a copy of “Scumdogs of the Universe.”

It was nice to see that The Smoking Section agreed with my analysis of “Blue Valentine” saying it is the “Worst. Date movie. Ever.” Words almost fail to describe how defeating that movie was. It could make a person hang up any hope of future happiness and spend the rest of their days in a Brooklyn apartment blogging songs that sing about things that only exist in the worlds of music, movies and teenage dreams.

Anyway, this post is way late to the party by journalistic standards, but one beautiful thing to come out of the movie is “You and Me,” by Penny & The Quarters – an unearthed soul band resurrected by “Blue Valentine.” Recorded sometime between 1970 and 1975, this long forgotten track is a rich serenade to true love – a smooth gem of a track roughed up with just enough sandpaper to espouse the true emotion of love. “You and Me” is celebratory at face value, with the slightest touch of yearning and hopefulness that makes it feel real.

[Download] Penny & The Quarters – “You and Me”

Buy the full “Blue Valentine” soundtrack (score written by Grizzly Bear) on iTunes


“Community” actor Donald Glover must have a serious crush on former “Degrassi” star Drake. Taking a note from the Canadian rapper, Glover has adopted the stage name “Childish Gambino” and stepping foot into the music industry. The song is good and creating a lot of buzz if the Hype Machine popular tracks section is any indication, but his style is eerily similar to Drake’s flow and delivery.

Electric Panda ain’t gonna hate though, the track is solid and worth a listen. Regardless of style, the lyrics are clever and the beat is understated and mellow. Dig. This isn’t his first foray into music, having released a few cover songs and rap albums. Thanks for Earmilk for the heads up on this one.

[Download] Childish Gambino – “Freaks & Geeks”

Someone royally messed up the Valentine’s Day plans this weekend. That someone being me. Bear Hands played a special show at a Lower East Side wine bar, In Vino, as part of the Vivo In Vino concert series. Only a small number of tickets are sold, and each comes with 4 glasses of wine donated by a different winemaker for each show. The nights are an intimate celebration of mesmerizingly good music and tasteful wine.  Having already been to one of the most romantic shows ever with Freelance Whales, I had gotten tickets to see another one my favorite bands at this venue.

However… when looking at the ticket earlier in the day it had said the start time was 8pm. Typically when I look at the time for a show it is when the doors open, with the band playing an hour after. Surely we could get there at 9pm and be in time for the tunes. Well, as it turns out the band was starting at 8 and we got there in time to see three songs. At least we caught “What a Drag” and “Tablasaurus.” Good thing I have a loving girlfriend and Bear Hands plays Brooklyn Bowl for free on February 27th and at Knitting Factory on March 14th.

Download my favorite Bear Hands song by right clicking on the link below. If you like what you hear, buy their album “Burning Bush Supper Club” on iTunes.

Bear Hands – “Julien Donkey Boy”

Happy Valentine’s Day Brooke, you’re the best ❤

Hard to get any more New York than this, mixing up classic Biggie Smalls “Juicy” and Jay-Z’s East Coast anthems “Empire State of Mind” and “Summer in Brooklyn.” Truly a case where the end product is greater than the sum of its parts.

Pretty Lights is out with a new website and free downloadable album simply titled Pretty Lights Unreleased 2010 Remixes. The likes of Steve Miller Band and Pink Floyd are also getting the Pretty Lights remix treatment in another solid offering from the slick nasty Colorado music producer. Girl Talk, eat your heart out.

Pretty Lights – “Jay Z Empire State of Mind Remix”

Download the full album for free at

And now for something a little more lighthearted. Futurecop!’s “Starworshipper” was recently released, along with the news that an EP of the same name will come out March 29th. Glam pop singer Diana Gen fills out this delicious, embarrassing-if-your-roommate-caught-you-listening, retro synth jam. When you secretly want to say fuck-all and shake your ass to the radio but you’re just too cool to bring yourself to do it, turn to this bad boy. Doing something so wrong has never felt so right.

Futurecop! – “Starworshipper”

And yes we live in desperate times
But fading words and shaking rhymes
There’s only one thing here worth hoping for
With Lucifer beneath you and God above
If either one of them asks you what your living of
Say love, say for me love

As a general rule, the Electric Panda will stay away from being sappy whenever possible, but these are different times. Love is in the air, my friends. Today’s track isn’t new, and I’ve been listening to it for a while now, but what was once just a great song now has a lot more meaning.

Life doesn’t go how you expect it to go sometimes, and without a doubt it will throw whatever it can to make things rocky. Tangible things can all be lost in an instant. It’s a cliché notion to be sure, but were they ever important in the first place? Where does happiness come from anyway?

The Avett Brothers are probably right after all. True happiness – the kind that brings a smile to your face every morning, the kind that makes your feet feel a little bit light walking down the street, is found in the heart. The kind of happiness that is never forced, it just happens, and when you have it you never want to let it go. The most beautiful thing on earth, in it’s purest and most humanistic form. So, what are you living of?

The Avett Brothers – “Living of Love”

Get their latest album “I and Love and You” for only $7.99 as a special Valentine’s Day sale

When Anna Calvi first came across my speakers I thought the Velvet Underground had fused with European soul and a hot stick of pure sensual fire. Much to my surprise, Calvi just barely released her debut album last Monday, earning accolades from NME as “perhaps the first great album of 2011.” I couldn’t agree more, they don’t make music like this anymore.

Smoky, seductive and dangerous – could she be the real femme fatale? Well educated in classical music, Calvi writes her own music, fingers dancing on a six string that lay a substantial foundation down on which her vocals soar. If you’re looking for something rivetingly baroque and powerful, this one’s for you.

Anna Calvi – “Love Won’t Be Leaving”

Anna Calvi – “Desire”

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The panda is a little late to the party on this one, but you can’t turn down a video featuring an irresistibly catchy pop tune and culturally relevant material. Here’s a pop anthem for the tech savvy, nerdy, internet dwellers everywhere to smile and nod their head happily along to. Bonus points for name dropping Donnie Darko.

The Limousines – “Very Busy People”


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