Welcome to the Electric Panda. Not to be confused with the obscure 80s Australian band (the music is actually good) or Italian eco-cars (Pandas are from China, duh!), The Electric Panda is all about music and virtual worlds. Released from the confines of what The Man says about style and correct form, I’ll be unleashing a torrent of music and internet stew upon anyone who dares to read it.

As an admittedly short lifelong music lover, I’ve been amazed at the amount of music available these days. Before Napster happened, the scope of music content available was considerably smaller than it is today. The rise of the internet and the power of computers themselves to create and edit music has seen an explosion of styles and varieties of music available for listeners. Thank you, sweet sweet internet, for making this possible.

Another beautiful thing the internet has made possible is virtual worlds. My personal journey started in Second Life last December when I wrote an article about it for Red Pulse Magazine, the now defunct A&E mag for the Daily Utah Chronicle. I was hooked from the start and have become a virtual world nut ever since. Virtual worlds have almost unlimited capabilities with how they allow people to interact with media. They’re basically the future of the internet and thus, I will continue to blog about them on here.

The Electric Panda aims to be your source on entertainment in the metaverse, with the occasional social media or non-virtual world related music post making an appearance. The ways the metaverse and social media are being used is developing at a break neck pace, and it’s hard to keep up with the developments. Instead of getting bogged down in how many people are Twittering about swine flu, The Electric Panda will be following those developments and how they affect and bring you new music and entertainment in ways you’ve never experienced before.