Nina Gordon is an American rock singer best known for being the co-founder of the famous 90’s pop rock outfit Veruca Salt. Channeling iconic 80’s bands like the Bangles, she helped bring back fun melodies into a rock movement that was dominated by grunge.

Laura Marling is an English folk/indie singer from Hampshire who released a gorgeous solo debut last year. A former member of Noah and the Whale, her debut was produced by NATW frontman Charlie Fink.

So what do these talented crooners have in common? Well, they both like gettin dat skrilla and pimpin hos, of course!

Laura Marling: The long lost twin of Marshall Mathers

Laura Marling: The long lost twin of Marshall Mathers

Nothing beats a good cover song, but there’s never any sense in trying to mimic what the original artist was trying to do. The best covers are genre-hopping, imaginative revisitations. Sure, Nina Gordon’s cover of NWA’s “Straight Outta Compton” is all over the blogosphere, but hell, if you haven’t heard it elsewhere you need to hear it here. Laura Marling teamed up with Jeffrey Lewis to do a folky rendition of Eminem’s “Brain Damage” for the UK paper The Guardian. It just goes to show that music is music, and a good tune should be appreciated no matter what “scene” you’re affiliated with.

Nina Gordon – Straight Out Of Compton (NWA cover)

Jeffrey Lewis & Laura Marling – Brain Damage (Eminem Cover)