Logan Walter's Wu Tang album art project

I’m trying to keep my straight music posts to a minimum as this isn’t an mp3 blog, but damn, the new venture by El Michels Affair is just too sick, too off the charts to ignore. El Michels Affair is a musical outfit on Truth and Soul Records creating a sound that would be known as “cinematic soul.” From the Truth and Soul Records website:

Taking influence from all types of music, Leon Michels and Nick Movshon began to create new type of soul music that blended the cinematic quality of soundtrack records with the recording aesthetic of early reggae, and the rawness of 60’s rock.

So naturally they ended up teaming up with the masters of rugged and raw, the mother fuckin’ Wu Tang Clan. They went on to play four live shows with the clan and a national tour with Raekwon the Chef. This collaboration led to their latest project, the brilliant Enter the 37th Chamber, a full record of re-imagined Wu-Tang instrumentals from some of their earliest tracks. OMGWTFBBQ, this record is straight from the slums of Shaolin. Gritty but infused with enough soul to make Al Green weep, these tracks are what the RZA must hear in his head when he goes to sleep at night.

El Michels Affair -Shimmy Shimmy Ya

El Michels Affair – Can it All Be So Simple

The loung style, jazzy interpretations of the Wu Tang Clan’s music are also being taken to an artistic level with Logan Walters‘ Wu Tang album cover project. Walters has been redesigning the Wu’s album art in the Blue Note Records style, nicely complimentating what the El Michels Affair has been doing. You can find all of his artwork on his flickr page, and thanks to So Much Silence for the find.

And remember kids, the Wu Tang Clan is FOREVER.