As an avid music lover, I pick up new stuff all the time. Of course I like the music or I’m not going to get it, but obviously some stick out more than others and earn some serious playtime on my computer. The Electric Panda tries to focus mainly on music as it involves the metaverse, but sometimes these things come by that require being shared. Today we’re sharing two songs at opposite ends of the spectrum. One simple but powerful in it’s minimalism and the other soars with booming drums, ascending orchestration and rich lyricism.

Lourdes Hernández AKA Russian Red AKA The Shit

Russian Red is the pseudonym of Spanish singer Lourdes Hernández. According to Wikipedia’s dumb ass, she has been called the Spanish Feist. If you were to compare her to anyone else (a sometimes necessary evil when describing music), I’d say the closest relation is Regina Spektor. Her quirky vocal fluctuations power a stripped-down, disarming acoustic act that stays sad but strangely soothing.

Russian Red – Cigarettes

florence-and-the-machineFlorence and the Machine is the brainchild of singer Florence Welch, the Machine being her backing band. They’re a fairly new outfit, coming to the scene in 2007. I’m sitting here trying to think of what to say about this track, but what is there to say? It’s an incredible song, the kind that you put on repeat, the kind you hear in your head all day when you aren’t listening to it. “Cosmic Love” is exactly what it sounds like, out of this world.

Florence and the Machine – Cosmic Love