ssmariner Flossberg is back with another hot new music video tribute, this time recreating the 90’s favorite “Virtual Insanity” by Jamiroquai. You may remember the last time I posted an ssmariner video when he did Michael Jackson’s “Scream.” This time he’s back with a  different star, Lux Yao, along with guest appearances by eeka Batz, Catero Revolution, violet Morellet and himself.

I remember this song from back in the day and it’s so refreshing to see it re-created in the virtual world. Flossberg’s videos are just one of the many ways users in Second Life are pushing the limits of what you can do with music. You can find his other videos and blog posts at An ear full of a blog.

Here’s another sweet new machinima that I found from Second Life Update. The Youtube page lists the poster as Melanie Kidd, but a search turned up an empty profile page so I’m not exactly sure who made it. Second Life Update isn’t the best resource for details so we may just say in the dark on this one. Either way, it’s a bitchin video and you should check it out.

Second Life music video machinima ftw!