Curse ABBA for giving Sweden a bad name for musicians. Often I’ll come across music on the net that I find absolutely moving, check the origin and sure enough it comes from Sweden. Many of it electro and dance, but the music coming out of that place has this understated power and hidden drive beneath airy, fluid melodies. Let me show you what I mean….

Heartbeats is the jam right now. Nevermind that it was dropped in 2006… that track is HOT. How do you do it Sweden? How do you produce so much great music from the likes of Sigur Rós, Robyn and the Knife? Forget meatballs and ABBA, dudes and dudettes – Sverige is all about the TUNES. The country is swiftly moving to replace the city of Glasgow as my “oh, well that makes sense” musician origin.

Mind if I gush about Swedish musicians some more? You can keep your M.I.A., you can keep your Ke$ha… keep all of them just give me those funky hot dance tracks from the land of candied fish and I’ll stay happy all day.

Here’s another gem that came out a little earlier this year from Swedish group Staygold. Incredible live performance and sick backup from  Robyn and American electro-rap outfit Spank Rock.

MMmmmm…. you know that felt good. I LOVE YOU SWEDEN!

The Knife – “Heartbeats”

Staygold Feat. Spank Rock and Robyn – “Backseat”

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