Every now and then I like to pretend the Electric Panda is a pure music blog and share a little of my favorite music. He’s not brand new and not exactly cutting edge, but Elvis Costello is the hipster Jesus. In a couple weeks I’ll be taking my little sister (henceforth known as “little panda”) to see Elvis Costello perform with the Dallas Symphony. So, in honor of that and #MusicMonday, the Electric Panda offers tribute to Elvis Costello.

The funny thing about Elvis Costello being the hipster Jesus is that he’s almost the anti-thesis of someone like, say, Conor Oberst. Straightforward, honest lyrics cut deep into the very core of a damaged soul and alternately offering upbeat tracks to move a shaky spirit. Today I’m offering up one of each from the timeless Costello.

Elvis Costello & the Attractions – “The Beat”

Elvis Costello – “I Want You”

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