I’ve been a fan of Marina and the Diamonds for a while now and figured she’d make a great Music Monday post because well, the music just stays good over and over! The Welsh singer-songwriter stormed onto the scene in 2009 and released her first full length this year.

There isn’t much negative you can say about Marina. She’s got a unique, catchy style with the kind of voice that can’t be duplicated. She serves as the antithesis to the glam, overproduced junk infesting pop music today with meaningful lyrics and system-defying views on personal image and the role of celebrity in society.

Forget the talentless garbage like Ke$ha and Gaga, Marina makes phenomenally good pop music and is someone the kids can look up to. She’s a can’t-miss if you haven’t checked out her music already.

Right click and save as to download “Oh no!”

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