Someone royally messed up the Valentine’s Day plans this weekend. That someone being me. Bear Hands played a special show at a Lower East Side wine bar, In Vino, as part of the Vivo In Vino concert series. Only a small number of tickets are sold, and each comes with 4 glasses of wine donated by a different winemaker for each show. The nights are an intimate celebration of mesmerizingly good music and tasteful wine.  Having already been to one of the most romantic shows ever with Freelance Whales, I had gotten tickets to see another one my favorite bands at this venue.

However… when looking at the ticket earlier in the day it had said the start time was 8pm. Typically when I look at the time for a show it is when the doors open, with the band playing an hour after. Surely we could get there at 9pm and be in time for the tunes. Well, as it turns out the band was starting at 8 and we got there in time to see three songs. At least we caught “What a Drag” and “Tablasaurus.” Good thing I have a loving girlfriend and Bear Hands plays Brooklyn Bowl for free on February 27th and at Knitting Factory on March 14th.

Download my favorite Bear Hands song by right clicking on the link below. If you like what you hear, buy their album “Burning Bush Supper Club” on iTunes.

Bear Hands – “Julien Donkey Boy”

Happy Valentine’s Day Brooke, you’re the best ❤