It was nice to see that The Smoking Section agreed with my analysis of “Blue Valentine” saying it is the “Worst. Date movie. Ever.” Words almost fail to describe how defeating that movie was. It could make a person hang up any hope of future happiness and spend the rest of their days in a Brooklyn apartment blogging songs that sing about things that only exist in the worlds of music, movies and teenage dreams.

Anyway, this post is way late to the party by journalistic standards, but one beautiful thing to come out of the movie is “You and Me,” by Penny & The Quarters – an unearthed soul band resurrected by “Blue Valentine.” Recorded sometime between 1970 and 1975, this long forgotten track is a rich serenade to true love – a smooth gem of a track roughed up with just enough sandpaper to espouse the true emotion of love. “You and Me” is celebratory at face value, with the slightest touch of yearning and hopefulness that makes it feel real.

[Download] Penny & The Quarters – “You and Me”

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